Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wow. I cannot believe I have not blogged anything in almost a year. sheesh. its 2013 baby! Woot! A lot of things  have happened since last time. Got a job. Hubby got a new job and is going to school and we are in plan and gather mode for our 4th Annual Halloween Bash: Voodoo on the Bayou. What's the plan for this years yard display and d├ęcor? New tombstones, More fence panels, A gate/entrance, corpses & zombies, a groundbreaker coffin, a mausoleum, a shiatsu zombie groundbreaker, a "swamp". My costume is still Too Be Determined but the hubby has picked his. In a couple of months we will be hand making our invites and getting them ready.

So if you've missed me...I'm bACK!

Stay tuned for updates.

:) Happy Hauntings

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back in Action?

I have not done anything Halloween all year. I feel like I have betrayed my second love. My husband and I have been focusing our efforts on other aspects of our life. I have recently got involved in "extreme couponing" but not like the tv show, those people are frauds. I've been working on building a stockpile of things for our home to save money for the rest of the year. So far, so good! I've saved tons of money this year and have been able to put that money into other areas in our life. We have to remodel our house. It is i need of some major upgrading and repairs, so this is also why we haven't do anything Halloween so far. I am still debating on whether or no to even have a Halloween party this year. I want to but I just don't want to half ass it. We shall see.

But, I'm still here Weblanders. I haven't gone anywhere, just took a hiatus.

Let's see what I can get into from now on.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!


Today is the day that we have all been working so hard for all year long. For 2 hours in my small little town of Madisonville, Kentucky the kids will be dragging through our neighborhood with their little hands reaching out for free candy. This year we made little goody bags to hand out to the TOTs. I am looking forward to handing out candy this year as everyone in my house will be gone and I will have 2 hours to myself!

Unfortunately, that time will be spent doing laundry, washing dishes and cleaning up and packing up my craft room. But I will be squeezing in some horror movies in with all of that.

I just want to say Happy Halloween to all of you out there in webland. Please be safe and eat LOTS of candy!


Until next year….




Sunday, October 23, 2011

5 day until PARTY time

Our Halloween Bash is quickly approaching and the crazy hustle and bustle of getting everything ready has commenced. Lots to do for the big day. 

The strange thing about parties and Halloween is that the closer it approaches for the current one, the more I think of the next years party, lol. I'm already planning ideas and budgeting for next years big event which will be what I had wanted to do for this year. I am hoping that all will go as planned, but who knows. I also have a house to remodel so money may be EXTREMELY tight considering there are more mouths to feed here now. :D Our best friend Chris moved his girlfriend and her 2 daughters in with us and we couldn't be happier. It is so nice to have everyone here, it feels like a family. 
The girls are just so happy to help with all the Halloween projects. They love how creative that I am and are eager to get more involved in things that I do. Once they are older, they will have a blast being little actors for our Halloween display. The youngest (4) loves to put on the Halloween masks and run around scaring everyone. While the oldest (6) is still a little frightened of her own shadow....but I will teach her to not be afraid of what goes bump in the night but instead to bump back with a vengeance. 

Tomorrow we will be carving pumpkins since the oldest is going on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch and Chris will be going with her to bring home pumpkins. 

Hopefully we will be able to post some photos of our carved pumpkins soon.

Already planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas too while all of this is going on. When you live on a budget everything has to be started early. Ya feel me? 

Stay scary and Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lots of Hocus Pocus

Things have been really busy here in the Pharmer household. I have been working on the finishing touches of my Halloween costume and finally have it finished! I made several batches of cookie dough to freeze in preparation for the Halloween party. Cookies will be just one of the items on them menu for the 2011 Halloween Bash. We are doing a nacho bar this year, some cupcakes and several other things. Budge this year is limited but that is okay. . The winners of the costume contest categories (best costume, most creative, best duo/couple and scariest costume) will receive costumes custom made gift baskets as their prizes...which is becoming a tradition in our house. I need to get a few more things at the store Sunday and then everything will be ready for the party. We are having several people bring their children to the party this year and so we are also creating goody grab bags for them as well.
This year definitely won't be exactly what I wanted it to be but that is okay. Things happen in life that take priority over other things. 2012 will definitely be a BIG shebang. After all, isn't the world supposed to end next year? (Ha!)

My nieces, Dani and Vanna have moved in with us along with their mother, Michelle and they have settled in nicely. It is so nice to have kids running around here. Tomorrow we will be going to Dani's school's fall festival and that should be really fun. Next week we will be carving pumpkins to make our Jack O' Lanterns. 

Tonight we are all watching ABC's 13 days of Halloween...and the specials were Goonies and Hocus Pocus. Gotta LOVE the HALLOWEEN specials. 

Random posting tonight. 

Happy Halloween folks!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

14 days

As the title of this post suggests, it is 14 days until my Halloween Party and that means PANDEMONIUM has set in here at home. Trying to hustle and get everything ready and set up as well as finishing my husband and I's costumes. Luckily I am just about done with his. Bad thing about mine is I am so picky about the details....errrg. Anywho, my costume is a secret this year only a few people know what I am going to be (and that is only because they annoyed the crap out of me until I finally yelled "FINE!!! I'll tell you just shut up!!" LOL) My husband is going to be Pyramid Head from Silent Hill after we decided to change the theme of our party this year (last minute) to something simpler as just a cemetery with a few evil surprises brewing in amongst the sacred land. Next years theme is already decided as it will be the original theme for this year (Twisted Fairy Tales). My husband and I are planning on doing a big walk through path next year so we will see how it goes. The loss of my grandmother really did it in for me this year and just took the wind out of me for prop building. I hope to get my oomph back and hit 2012 Halloween with a vengeance. Time to start getting all the little details in order for this year....Happy Hauntings everyone...I am just exhausted and gonna hit the pillow that is callin my name.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Blues.

Busy month this thing called October. Had a birthday, moved a friend and her kids into my house, packed up my recently deceased grandmothers home and moved it into storage and now on to that holiday that is this month. What is it called again? Oh yeah, Halloween. Party on the 29th. Have LOTS to do. Haven't really set anything up yet. Shall be interesting.