Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here are some of the tombstones that I have made for my haunted graveyard themed Halloween party for this year. There will be a lot more made and also finishing details will be added like moss and spiderwebs and such. Its all in the finishing details. Tombstones are pretty easy to make. You just make a box and design your tombstone by adding crumpled up balls of newspaper to add a rocky  look or you can add strips of cardboard to make details that look like carved stone. I'm not very good at painting on words, I dunno why..weird that is why here lately I have been sticking to either cutting out my letters or you can buy those foam letters (yeah, the ones that sometimes have glitter, just don't get the glitter ones, lol ) and hot glue them on...don't just stick them on because the glue will eventually fade. You can either paint over them or for extra measure you could add a layer of paper mache over top them to really keep them on. If you are good at free painting letters go for it or you can create a stencil to use by printing out what you want the tombstone to say and then cutting our the letters to create the stencil. I have not used this technique as of yet but I'm planing on it. 

Even pets have tombstones, lol.

This is more of an aged tombstones that has been weathered away with time. It still needs some finishing details such as water stains and moss. For an added effect this tombstone will not sit like it is sitting now it will be tilted in the ground. To do this, just dig a little ditch/hole in the ground and place the tombstone in what ever position you want it to tilt and then fill the dirt in around it. Don't make the hole too deep though or you won't have a tombstone to see, lol.

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