Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eyeballs, Tombstones and Children's Costumes...Galore.

Today has been a rainy, children filled day. I started my day early by babysitting the 4 kids that I frequently watch as my "day" job. While babysitting today I brought eyeball supplies to work on. I'm desperately trying to get all of these made while I'm over here. Attempting to kill 2 birds with one stone. It ends up being a bit difficult because whatever craft/art project I bring over becomes the little wee one's new fascination. "What's that?" "Are those real?" "What are THOSE for??" Haha. The questions are so funny. I've mentioned this recently in a previous post. 

Today I was asked about the tombstones I have been designing in my notebook. (About to make a trip to Lowe's to purchase a booty load of foam sheathing) The kids are absolutely fascinated with everything that I do. Its so "Cool" they say. Now, they each one their own tombstones.... a little morbid I have to say. What do you all out there in internet land think? Can't you picture it? Christmas run out of your room...down the hallway and there, under the tree is your very own tombstone?? I'm not sure that would be the best gift for a kid. bwahahaha. 

Since I have been working on props over here with the children for my Halloween Bash, lots of questions about whether they could come have been asked. They have been eager to see the end results and have started a count down to the big day (which I need to confirm a final date for the party for) and have been planning their own costumes for. (They haven't even asked their parents if they could come. LOL) 

...............I think I will upload some photos tonight of the eyeballs I have made. I have 3 sets finished out of 72 sets. LONG way to go on those. Luckily I don't need to complete them all right now. I need about 10 sets to be ready so I can pop them into my seven dwarf zombies. Oh, that reminds me, I'm so UPSET! The one zombie dwarf with the hood that was almost completed.....well, I had to rip him apart. He molded on me. I had started him and left him outside to dry one day while my husband was home and then I went to work. I had asked my hubby to put him in the house when he was dry....well, he wasn't all the way dry. Low and behold I go a few days after my vacation to Myrtle Beach to check on him and he was green! Major sad face. :((((((   Oh well. I've decided to go a different route with his body. His head, which had the most detail was salvageable. (Ty, Halloween Prop Gods) So now I will make him a Pvc/chicken wire combo body and attach his head to it and then probably monster mud him up after adding some hands and shoes and what not. 

I have loads of things to get done and I am amazed that I even took the break now to type this up. (Good thing I can type 83 words a minute or this would REALLY take a long time to post) 

Count down to Halloween has afraid.....very afraid....


Sorry, cell phone cameras don't take great quality photos unless you have a droid or an iphone which I currently do not.

I need to give credit to Terra over at for the iris that she made using photoshop. I have no experience with photoshop or I would have made my own. :/ She has awesome eye color too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Halloween in July??

You've heard of Christmas in July but what about Halloween in July?? Well, my busy month is beginning late this year. I" have been working on several props for the past 6 months that I have JUST now got materials to finish. Sheesh. Stupid economy. Anywho, I will be working on a bunch of tombstones for the new website that will be coming out with a tombstone generator. That's right folks, design your own tombstone. Then it shall be hand crafted by yours truly. I'm going to be busy...really busy. Food? what's that? Sleep? huh? LOL. Heck, I may end up being one of my props, dried up in a corner collecting dust from sleep deprivation, lol.
But seriously, I have been saying "just wait" for a while and now I'm going to be getting things done. I will post when I can. Photos, videos (maybe) and extensive paragraphs full of possible how to's. I'm not promising anything else but what I've already said I would get done. I need to get my pyramid head completed as well. Stay tuned.

Mwahahhahahaahhahaha. (Evil laugh)......oh boy, what have I gotten myself into now?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sheesh.....Are you ready for this?

It is so hard to make props, work a day job and blog at the same time. I need more time in a day. So I have been gone on vacation last week and came back home on June 14, 2011. Had a BLAST at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Got a great sunburn, lol. Now its back to the grind, this time its full blast. I am starting a prop building business with an acquaintance of mine this year (more of that to come later..still a little hush hush at the moment) so prop building is going full blast. I have been working on eyeballs for props currently while babysitting the 4 kids that I watch during the day. Let's just say...that was an interesting conversation as I was sitting down a the kitchen table having 4 sets of real eyes starring at my fake eyes asking "what are those??" "Are those real?" "Did you cut out those eyes from previous little kids you've babysat for?"....hold up, what!? I'm telling you the imaginations that belong to a 2, 3, 5 and 7 year old amaze me. Can't wait to see what questions will arise when I'm building tombstones. Heck, they'll probably be wondering if I'm gonna be burying them. And let me state this, I am like the best baby sitter in the world. True quote, from all four of them, LOL. So no, I don't cut out little kids' eyes and use them as props and I would NEVER burying a kid...unless its in the sand with their heads above ground. Sheesh, silly kids.

Keep poking your head in on this blog every now and then. I will be trying to produce as many posts as I can over the next few weeks. Halloween is growing close my friends. Are you ready?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Photos of Stuff I built on June 2nd, 2011

In this post you will see a bunch of various photos. These are all photos of the work I have done on June 2nd, 2011. There are giant flowers from Alice in Wonderland, Tweedle Dee killing tweedle dum painting that will be a scene background. There are alphabet blocks that well spell out D-I-E, and there are bases for my 7 dwarfs scattered about in there as well. The foam body is the body I am building for my Snow White Head. I'm goign to make it to where her head comes off and I can change it out for future props and themes.There is also a severed head for one of my dwarfs and also a head for my rapunzel. Her head will be ripped off her body and her body will be dangling out of her tower. I plan to have her head rest upon a massive amount of her hair. I also added the photos of some of the teapots I have started. They need more work Everything is far from being completed but I thought I would post some update photos while I had a moment to breathe.
I will be going out of town next week on vacation so there won't be many updates on props. Once we get back from Myrtle Beach, Sc, everything will be a major GO for prop building in between my babysitting job.

Also, I ordered 40 Led spot lights to add to my lighting for my 2011 Haunt/Halloween Bash as well as 2 pair of socks to begin making my Wizard of Oz Sock Monkeys for the costume contest gift baskets. Busy, Busy and more busy.

I just want to throw in one more note to anyone who has been following my blog. My husband and I are involved in the process of finding our first home to purchase. Prayers that everything keeps going the way it is currently going and that by this time next year we will be fully settled into our first home.
Giant Flowers for Alice In Wonderland

Witch Jars (I have made about 30)

Tweedle Dee and Dum

Mushroom and Base for a 7 Dwarf