Thursday, April 28, 2011

Witch Jars -

March Hare Madness

DIY: Sock Monkey!!!

So I got an idea given to me on to make sock monkeys and turn them into the evil monkeys from the Wizard of OZ and put them in my gift baskets for my Halloween Bash this year. Here is a tutorial that I found on Youtube on how to make a sock monkey. Gotta know that first, right?

Pumpkin Rot is the King of Rot

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snow White’s Companions

So when I came up with my theme for my 2011 Halloween Bash theme, I immediately thought of Snow White and her 7 Dwarfs. What would be better than having Snow White being eaten by her own little Dwarf Zombies???

I only have 3 bases of dwarfs made, I still need to paper mache 2 of them and then clay detail them as well.


I will try and post the progress on here as I get things done.

Here are some photos that I have so far on my zombie dwarfs. I’’ will throw my snow white head in there as well.




Saturday, April 23, 2011

American McGee's Alice trailer

I have no yet played this video game but I have heard it was pretty awesome for an Alice in Wonderland themed game. I was referred to this game by a friend who just thought this would be awesome inspiration for what I am doing for my Halloween Bash this year. She happens to be right! I love the trailers for game 1 and game 2. Great inspiration.

Hauntcast Promo

I just subscribed! Amazingly hilarious podcast about anything and everything Halloween or Horror. I believe this to be a must-have addition to your Halloween/Horror collection. Only $12 a year for basic sub, this is an AMAZING deal. If you haven't sub'd yet, head over there now and get your subscription now!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too busy…

So I thoughts I would take the time to post real quick as I have been busy the past few days working on some ping pong eyeballs. I got a great deal on a gross of ping pong balls off of I wanted to be able to just grab and go the eyeballs while prop building instead of having to build each part separately. 



Above are the starting stages of my eyeballs.

I used this method that I found on Cheap, Easy, Ping Pong Eyeballs.


Above are some photos of where I added hot glue to the back of a ping pong ball and then painted the glue red. This was to give an “out of the socket” eyeball look.  By the way, I inserted little tiny nails into the ping pong ball to help me hold it while working on them. You can see me holding onto these eyes by the tiny nail.



I just thought I would take a few minutes out of my extremely busy day to share a little of what has been going on. 144 ping pong balls….what was I thinking? LOL


I’ve also started research on some new open style spell books. Been designing those pages.

Still have other projects going, some waiting on supplies.


I have also been babysitting the 4 kids I have mentioned in a previous post, this week. So busy, busy, busy. But I’m not complaining at all, busy is good!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kids are STINKERS/Project News

So a few hours ago I was asked by a friend to babysit his kids. I have babysat for Derrick before and have to first say that his 4 kids (2 boys, 2 girls age range 7-2) are great kids. Most people would think that babysitting for that many kids in such a low age range can be overwhelming. It is not for me. The kids are really good for me at least. I do have to mention the whole “kids try to get away with everything” thing. Tonight the eldest girl begged me for some Top Ramen. Little stinker her. I cannot refuse a child food however, tonight I tried to. I really tried to but then the youngest girl came up behind her sister and begged for some too. Double Stinkers! So I made them 1 bag to split between the two of them. Surprisingly, they ate them all. Granted, these little stinkers were supposed to be in their rooms for the whole 2 hours I was watching them. I made a deal. I said, “Alright girls, you need to eat, you can watch 1 episode of Phineas and Ferb (my favorite cartoon these days besides Spongebob) and then it is STRAIGHT to bed.” Sounded convincing, right? Ha! Well the girls are now in their room and the boys are fast asleep in theirs. Little Stinkers! Now it gives me some time to type up this blog and work on some other project designs.

Design your own tombstones, handmade to your pickin…what do you people in web land think? Good business idea?? Would you pay for custom, ready to install, easy install, completely finished foam tombstones??? Feedback requested.

My Amazing Husband!

Tonight my husband surprised me big time! He came home from work and handed me a black case with my brand new laptop in it! He says “Here baby, because I believe in you and your business".”


How friggin’ sweet is that???


Just had to post that!

I’m loving this laptop too….has easy blog update options Smile Ya know what that means????

Friday, April 1, 2011

Busy Little Bumblebee

Some great things will be coming out of this crazy mind soon and I can't wait until I can spread the word about it. Right now its all in hush hush mode.

I am away from home right now with my husband while he is working at another store. Decided to tag along since our 8th wedding anniversary fell on the week he was called away to Murray, Ky. It has been a great week for us so far. Seeing my best friend, getting a lot of business done, eating some great food and just relaxing in my husbands loving arms. Did you know that the 8th year of a married couples lives is supposed to be full of fame and wealth? Hmm, if so....that is awesome for the things I have in development. Its all hush hush right now but once I can announce what it going on, I will let everyone know here whats up.

Have designed quite a bit of tombstones this week as well and hoping to get them cranked out when I get home. I have a large to do list to be done. I am extremely excited!!!