Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I have taken a break from props this afternoon to do some cleaning. I used some recycles cans in my craft/laundry room to free up some table space. I love recycling. :) Every few weeks I have to stop and do a complete over haul on my house besides the ritual every day cleaning. When I start feeling claustrophobic I know something has to be done.

Today was such a nice day that I opened all the windows in the house and the back door and let the house air out. I love that Spring time weather. It gets me ambitious.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pyramid Head Update 3/19/2001

I have been making a pyramid head helmet out of cardboard as a demo for the actual foam one I will be making for Kevin Stich @ Wolf Creek Haunted Forest in Shepherdsville, Ky. (Nice little shout out there, lol) I thought I would post some update photos.

Anywho-- Above are the photos so far. I had an original template thta the demensions were messed up and it didn't look right when assembled. (Remember measure twice cut once! Thanks to the ol' hubby for not measuring correctly hahahaha) Oh well. Here is what we got so far with the cardboard rendition. More updates soon. I'm waiting on some more cash flow to get the foam to get started. Once I Do...its ON.