Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head- - Headpiece complete



So here it is folks, its done…well to the standards of my husband who is going to be wearing it for Halloween this year. Next on the Silent Hill to-do is Pyramid Head’s Huge ass Sword and his skin suit/skirt/kilt thing.



Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finally a Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head Headpiece update…LONG overdue.



I have been working hard these past days on trying to just get everything I have done, and also to remember to take photos. So I was asked a long time ago to make a Pyramid Head helmet thing and sword, I have built the headpiece base and have started detailing it. It is not done yet but I figured I would post some updates for this. I still need to add some more details, and put the rusting technique on it in various places. I shall then begin building Pyramid Head’s huge ass sword. My husband has said he wants to be Pyramid Head for Halloween now because of how “bad ass” the headpiece is turning out…hmm…seems I shall be sewing a skin costume soon.

More from the TaysMache Soon. Smile


100_5495What you see here is the inside of the helmet/headpiece which is a hard hat that was spray painted black and then the panels were attached to it. The inside is not so pretty but when its all done it wont matter. I wanted to make sure it was structurally sound.

100_5496This is the bottom so far which will get sanded and smoothed and painted black and then rusted.



Anyways, there is it is so far. I have the headpiece in my work room right now getting ready to add more details and get it ready for some major sealing and painting. Smile More Updates soon..






Keep posted to this post, I will be adding more photos to it… I won’t have any new ones until this stage above dries. Then I will post some more. Cheers!


Today I got to spend the entire day devoted to prop building. I added some pieces to my husbands costume (Pyramid head) and will be showing some photo updates on that soon. I managed to get some foam cut for faux wood boards to board up the windows of my house for Halloween. That was fun and easy.  Creating Wood Boards to board up my windowsFoam Faux Wood Boards
Please excuse the date on these photos, my lame digital camera lies to reset the date every time I turn it off. Simple execution on this…just cut some foam insulation sheathing into boards…as you can see these aren’t perfectly straight but I like the imperfection of these. I scored them with my box cutter with tiny lines up and down the board lengthwise and then I coated these boards with black exterior latex paint. The next step, which I have not photographed yet is to paint them with brown paints, both light and dark and then add the black knots in the wood. You can search the web for how to’s just search your favorite search engine using the keywords “faux wood painting techniques” and find something you like.
Next on my list of props and such was my static giant spider. I had originally wanted to do a fcg spider but that isn’t happening this year due to finances so I am building my Mr. Spider.

100_5466100_5467100_5468100_5469Mr. Spider. Added Eyeballs...and gave his topside a coat of black paint for base.EyeballsMr. SpiderMr. Spider
Mr. Spider is made from a scrap wood,1/2” pvc, 45 degree and 90 degree pvc connectors, paper mache body, ping pong balls for eyes, some duct tape, and covered in great stuff foam (every haunter should have these supplies), He is base coated with the exterior black latex paint, which I believe I coat every prop I have with before detailing with paint.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Fun

So this weekend was a blast. Had a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in 3 years come visit with her 2 daughters and stay. We then had a huge bbq last night with friends and some people from my husbands work. It was fun. We had beer chicken, hot dogs, burgers, grilled corn on the cob, my special loaded baked potato salad, baked beans, chips and dip and of course BEER and daiquiris! Woo! We went to the Dollar Tree store and purchased all kinds of glow in the dark glow sticks for all of the children that were here to wear and run around and play with. They really enjoyed my tombstones that I have made and already set up in the yard in preparation for my Halloween display. I don’t have a garage to store them in right now and my house was jammed packed with people this weekend sooooo out in the yard they went. The tombstones made it more fun for the kids being that they kept playing tag and hide and go seek around them. This inspired me though for future parties. I have decided that I want to hold a fall festival/carnival type Halloween party in the next couple of years and extend it to try and create a block party on my dead end street. How fun would that be? My husband and I have even talked about purchasing a cotton candy machine and such to add to the mix. I’m so excited. Smile  I really hope everyone out there had a great weekend and I know you are just dying to go back to work tomorrow right? LOL. I shall be cleaning up my house and getting back to prop building…Halloween is rapidly approaching and the craziness has begun!. Happy Hauntings everyone….