Thursday, July 14, 2011

Set Backs and Delays

It has been really crazy around here the past 3 weeks. I've been out of town taking care of my very ill Grandmother for 2 of those 3 weeks, so no progress on any props. While this was going on, my husband informs me we have to either move or buy the house we are currently now we are buying our first home. Yay! But it is so crazy around here. Trying to get props finished for friends, clients and myself plus preparing to go to Wolf Creek Haunted Forest in Shepherdsville, Kentucky to detail work once their build is near completion. I am dog tired. I'm only home for a week for a break and to take care of all the necessary paperwork for the house as well as getting a bunch of repairs completed for the house. Then I will be headed back up to Hodgenville, Kentucky to stay with my Grandmother. My grandmother is doing very poorly. She is 77 years old, about to turn 78 in August and her health is deteriorating fast on me. I am very distraught over this as to be expected. My grandmother raised my two older brothers and myself and she is more like a mom than a grandmother so seeing her in so much pain is unbearable but I have to be there for her. So I am writing this post and it may be the only one for a few weeks being as my work load has just tripled. I am extremely busy and I am not sure at this time whether or not I will have time for my Halloween Bash this year. We may have to post pone it until next year but the plus side to that is that I can make it even bigger and badder.

So here is a hello and a see ya soon as I can for now. Don't forget me and my little blog. :)

Happy Haunting Everyone and Please stay safe.

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