Friday, January 7, 2011

The Beginnings of My Twisted Tales

So we have decided upon our theme for our 2011 haunt/halloween party. It will consist of twisted fairy tales and nursery rhymes...with some alice in wonderland and wizard of oz. Basically a world of dreams....but gone HORRIBLY wrong.

You like that laugh? Yeah, its evil. That's right, whipping out the evil laugh for this one. This haunt/party will be a BIG production. It will be a walk through with mini scenes after entering a giant mirror entrance. The guest will then follow a broken yellow brick road through the scenes around my front yard, down the side of my house and then around my back yard to the other side of my house where there is a big opening and our party will be held.
Scenes planned thus far are as follows:

  • Entrance: Through the Looking Glass- A Giant archway that will be made to resemble a mirror stick half cocked in the ground. 
Once the guest walks through this archway, there will be a yellow Brick Road with some signs that point and say various things.

  •  Munchkins hanging from a longer a myth in the movie but REAL in my haunt. 
  • The Scarecrow being burnt alive by the Wicked Witch, laughing. Going to make faux fire using some fans, lights, sound and other items. 
  • Little Miss Muffet will be my spider victim this year. 
  • The front of my house and walk way will be decorated like a gingerbread house. Hansel and Gretel will be in the windows banging to be let out. Going to use a neat special effect right here. Already have my actors lined up. Working on designing the costumes for them. :)
  • Snow white dead on her grave stone (see grimms complete fairy tales with illustrations) and she will be surrounded by the sever dwarfs who are cannibals/zombies (still debating on set up) and they will have torn some of snow whites body parts off and eating them. A large bloody mess :)
  • Rapunzel    and her tower. Her body will be hanging out of the window of her tower and down below will be a mass of hair and her severed head lying atop, having been ripped off by the prince in his attempt to climb her hair. Debating making a prince being wrapped in a thorny bush...clearly the bush is alive. 
  • The tin man will be chopping up Pinnochio. A bloody site indeed. 
  • The big bad wolf will be roasting the 3 little pigs and in the background will be a red riding coat with bones that have been chewed on.
  • All of this will lead up to the MAIN party zone which is The Mad Hater's Tea Party. My husband is going to be the Hater and I am to be a twisted Alice. The tea party scene is going to be in black light and color lights. We are going to paint a giant Cheshire cat that will be glow in the dark on some fabric panels and then our Caterpillar will be on top of a giant mushroom and he will have a fog machine hooked up to him. Everything in the tea party will be in psychedelic them. White roses dripping with blood will be the centerpiece of the giant tea party table and there will be tea cups, pots and saucers all over the table with different kinds of chairs for seating. We are designing our own costumes and are looking into glow in the dark contacts as well. 

I'm really hoping everything can go as planned for my new tradition and obsession :) 

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