Friday, January 7, 2011

No Caterpillar WHO ARE YOU!?

In the previous post, I stated that I was going to have a caterpillar in my haunt/party for 2011.  Here he is, well the start of him. He is still in his raw form. Currently, he is positioned on his side in front of my drying fans, getting a cool down  of the layers of paper mache clay that I applied to him last night. As many people have asked me on my Facebook page,!/profile.php?id=687955330  Why does he have a PVC pipe in his mouth area? Well, to answer this question, he is going to have a fog machine hooked up to his mouth to blow smoke. I'm going to attempt to put the fog machine on a timer so that he just blows puffs of smoke...we will see how that goes. In order for this to happen, he had to have a PVC tube inserted inside him so the smoke can come out. :)

Mr. Caterpillar will also have a hookah sitting beside him on his giant mushroom. 
The mushroom will be made from chicken wire and paper mache as well. 
His body is made out of different sized balloons that had paper mache applied to them in about 4 layers and then allowed to partly dry. While they were still somewhat soft but not completely hard, I popped the balloons inside and began shaping the balloons to form the sections of the caterpillar. The arms and legs are just balls of newspaper wadded up and taped to the body.

Here are some   of the photos that I am basing my design on. Of course its not exact because I don't want it to be. This is my creation after all. He will have hands as well that I'm going to mold and apply but since I have no created the hookah yet, I'm going to wait on the hands so that one of them will hold the hookah parts. 


  1. He's lookin really neat so far! I can't wait to see em finished. Really hope the fog machine thing works out too!

  2. Thank you so very much. I'm hoping the fog machine thing works out to. It should though from other props I have seen out in the land of haunting that do similar things as this.