Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pyramid new friend.

****The following photos ARE NOT MINE, they are reference photos for my creation, which I have yet to post...thought I would include this :)***

I'm going to be doing a new prop soon. It is Pyramid head. He is from the Silent Hill movie. He also from the Silent Hill games which I didn't know existed LOL.  Anyways, I thought I would post some of the research photos so you can see what I'm going to attempt to make.
This prop will be made from foam sheeting, at least that's the idea I'm rattling around in my brain. Then I'm going to make some faux metal parts and embellish the pieces with. I'm hoping to be able to make this with a see through portion so the person who will be wearing it can see out of it, haha, It would probably be a bit dangerous otherwise. I've been asked to do this head piece as well as the sword to see if I can do it.

If there are any items you would like to see me make, please feel free to email me suggestions at

I really like this version. I'm not sure where I found this photo. Sorry that I can' t give the props but this is JUST AWESOME. If you see your photo on here PLEASE tag yourself in the comments. Sorry for stealing the photos :/
********Update 3/17/2011**********

Ok so I have the templates made for the headpiece and the sword (see photos below). Shout out to Dax79 from for a jumping point with dimensions. . His pyramid head piece is made from cardboard. Mine will be made from Foam Instulation sheathing and a few other bits and pieces.


  1. OMIGOD! Can't wait to see this!!! It's gonna be bloody fantastic... Emphasis on bloody.

  2. Very Cool!!! look my frend hehehe ^.^

  3. Can I get the instructions? Please