Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finally a Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head Headpiece update…LONG overdue.



I have been working hard these past days on trying to just get everything I have done, and also to remember to take photos. So I was asked a long time ago to make a Pyramid Head helmet thing and sword, I have built the headpiece base and have started detailing it. It is not done yet but I figured I would post some updates for this. I still need to add some more details, and put the rusting technique on it in various places. I shall then begin building Pyramid Head’s huge ass sword. My husband has said he wants to be Pyramid Head for Halloween now because of how “bad ass” the headpiece is turning out…hmm…seems I shall be sewing a skin costume soon.

More from the TaysMache Soon. Smile


100_5495What you see here is the inside of the helmet/headpiece which is a hard hat that was spray painted black and then the panels were attached to it. The inside is not so pretty but when its all done it wont matter. I wanted to make sure it was structurally sound.

100_5496This is the bottom so far which will get sanded and smoothed and painted black and then rusted.



Anyways, there is it is so far. I have the headpiece in my work room right now getting ready to add more details and get it ready for some major sealing and painting. Smile More Updates soon..






Keep posted to this post, I will be adding more photos to it… I won’t have any new ones until this stage above dries. Then I will post some more. Cheers!

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