Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today I got to spend the entire day devoted to prop building. I added some pieces to my husbands costume (Pyramid head) and will be showing some photo updates on that soon. I managed to get some foam cut for faux wood boards to board up the windows of my house for Halloween. That was fun and easy.  Creating Wood Boards to board up my windowsFoam Faux Wood Boards
Please excuse the date on these photos, my lame digital camera lies to reset the date every time I turn it off. Simple execution on this…just cut some foam insulation sheathing into boards…as you can see these aren’t perfectly straight but I like the imperfection of these. I scored them with my box cutter with tiny lines up and down the board lengthwise and then I coated these boards with black exterior latex paint. The next step, which I have not photographed yet is to paint them with brown paints, both light and dark and then add the black knots in the wood. You can search the web for how to’s just search your favorite search engine using the keywords “faux wood painting techniques” and find something you like.
Next on my list of props and such was my static giant spider. I had originally wanted to do a fcg spider but that isn’t happening this year due to finances so I am building my Mr. Spider.

100_5466100_5467100_5468100_5469Mr. Spider. Added Eyeballs...and gave his topside a coat of black paint for base.EyeballsMr. SpiderMr. Spider
Mr. Spider is made from a scrap wood,1/2” pvc, 45 degree and 90 degree pvc connectors, paper mache body, ping pong balls for eyes, some duct tape, and covered in great stuff foam (every haunter should have these supplies), He is base coated with the exterior black latex paint, which I believe I coat every prop I have with before detailing with paint.


  1. Mr Spider is fantastic! Great work ;)

  2. Great detail work on the head - especially those jaws! I'm liking the nubby appearance of the body.