Saturday, October 15, 2011

14 days

As the title of this post suggests, it is 14 days until my Halloween Party and that means PANDEMONIUM has set in here at home. Trying to hustle and get everything ready and set up as well as finishing my husband and I's costumes. Luckily I am just about done with his. Bad thing about mine is I am so picky about the details....errrg. Anywho, my costume is a secret this year only a few people know what I am going to be (and that is only because they annoyed the crap out of me until I finally yelled "FINE!!! I'll tell you just shut up!!" LOL) My husband is going to be Pyramid Head from Silent Hill after we decided to change the theme of our party this year (last minute) to something simpler as just a cemetery with a few evil surprises brewing in amongst the sacred land. Next years theme is already decided as it will be the original theme for this year (Twisted Fairy Tales). My husband and I are planning on doing a big walk through path next year so we will see how it goes. The loss of my grandmother really did it in for me this year and just took the wind out of me for prop building. I hope to get my oomph back and hit 2012 Halloween with a vengeance. Time to start getting all the little details in order for this year....Happy Hauntings everyone...I am just exhausted and gonna hit the pillow that is callin my name.

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