Sunday, October 23, 2011

5 day until PARTY time

Our Halloween Bash is quickly approaching and the crazy hustle and bustle of getting everything ready has commenced. Lots to do for the big day. 

The strange thing about parties and Halloween is that the closer it approaches for the current one, the more I think of the next years party, lol. I'm already planning ideas and budgeting for next years big event which will be what I had wanted to do for this year. I am hoping that all will go as planned, but who knows. I also have a house to remodel so money may be EXTREMELY tight considering there are more mouths to feed here now. :D Our best friend Chris moved his girlfriend and her 2 daughters in with us and we couldn't be happier. It is so nice to have everyone here, it feels like a family. 
The girls are just so happy to help with all the Halloween projects. They love how creative that I am and are eager to get more involved in things that I do. Once they are older, they will have a blast being little actors for our Halloween display. The youngest (4) loves to put on the Halloween masks and run around scaring everyone. While the oldest (6) is still a little frightened of her own shadow....but I will teach her to not be afraid of what goes bump in the night but instead to bump back with a vengeance. 

Tomorrow we will be carving pumpkins since the oldest is going on a field trip to a local pumpkin patch and Chris will be going with her to bring home pumpkins. 

Hopefully we will be able to post some photos of our carved pumpkins soon.

Already planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas too while all of this is going on. When you live on a budget everything has to be started early. Ya feel me? 

Stay scary and Happy Halloween everyone!

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