Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lots of Hocus Pocus

Things have been really busy here in the Pharmer household. I have been working on the finishing touches of my Halloween costume and finally have it finished! I made several batches of cookie dough to freeze in preparation for the Halloween party. Cookies will be just one of the items on them menu for the 2011 Halloween Bash. We are doing a nacho bar this year, some cupcakes and several other things. Budge this year is limited but that is okay. . The winners of the costume contest categories (best costume, most creative, best duo/couple and scariest costume) will receive costumes custom made gift baskets as their prizes...which is becoming a tradition in our house. I need to get a few more things at the store Sunday and then everything will be ready for the party. We are having several people bring their children to the party this year and so we are also creating goody grab bags for them as well.
This year definitely won't be exactly what I wanted it to be but that is okay. Things happen in life that take priority over other things. 2012 will definitely be a BIG shebang. After all, isn't the world supposed to end next year? (Ha!)

My nieces, Dani and Vanna have moved in with us along with their mother, Michelle and they have settled in nicely. It is so nice to have kids running around here. Tomorrow we will be going to Dani's school's fall festival and that should be really fun. Next week we will be carving pumpkins to make our Jack O' Lanterns. 

Tonight we are all watching ABC's 13 days of Halloween...and the specials were Goonies and Hocus Pocus. Gotta LOVE the HALLOWEEN specials. 

Random posting tonight. 

Happy Halloween folks!

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