Monday, March 7, 2011

Mausoleum Tomb Facings

So one of the projects that I have been working on for a while now has been these mausoleum tomb facings for a mausoleum facade

I thought I would post some of the photos that I have of the progress so far. This is just a sample piece. I will be making a complete set for Wolf Creek Haunted Forest in Shepherdsville, Ky if everything goes as planned. 
Dow Insulation Sheathing cut into 2ft x2ft Pieces. 

I'm letting the side panels dry before cutting and adding the top and bottom panels. Keep in mind this is just a sample piece that i will keep for future references and then I will be also building a complete set. I'll be sure to blog my process. Its really easy but you have to have the time and the patience to do these.


  1. Looks absolutely fantastic! You aged and distressed it really well! I'll have to have a go at these sometime...

  2. Once the steady warm weather starts here in Kentucky, I'm going to start building some 4x8 sections of wall facades (i.e castle walls, dungeon walls, wood, gingerbread house)