Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project 12.98 f

I have no idea what project 12.98 f is, ha! However, I do know what projects are lying in my living room floor and my laundry room/craft room.

Absalom the Caterpillar is in the Laundry Room awaiting hands and a hookah which I'm looking up reference photos as soon as I am done with this post :O)

My Saw: Reverse Bear Trap is still awaiting the paint technique to make it look more rusted. The technique I'm hoping to use can be found here http://www.hauntforum.com/showthread.php?t=21644
I have to get the supplies to finish this project.

I started to develop the size of the pyramid head for an adult. I have created a based frame for a child's pyramid head. I'm still developing this project and taking photos as I go. As soon as I have a completed project I will add photos.

I have 2 pumpkins in the works. One is a tortured pumpkin that has a sewing needle stabbed into its "head" and has buttons for eyes. The second pumpkin is a flat but large pumpkin. I am developing a series of realistic pumpkins, not carved as in jack o lanterns, but just pumpkins. They can be sat around in a faux pumpkin patch.

I also have started 2 of the 7 dwarfs for my yard haunt for Halloween 2011.  I only have 2 upper bodies for the dwarfs started.

 I have a head sculpted for my snow white as well. Her face is partially ripped off from the dwarfs eating at her. I have to paint her head and attach the hair once I find some that I like.
I have a mad hatter's hat that I am going to develop into a food platter for my buffet table and I have a tea pot that will have the dormouse popping in it. I'm thinking of having the dormouse be a rat instead of a cute little mouse though.

I have one tombstone made and ready for coating and painting and baseboard for my cemetery scene. I have a list of names that I am developing to add to my other tombstones.

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