Saturday, October 16, 2010

Building My Cemetery

I have been as busy as I can be through the soreness from my wreck. Special thanks to my hubby for all the help this week. Below are some photos of sections of my Halloween cemetery fence. I used furring strips, pvc pipe, wood screws and spray paint to create my fence sections and then I used cardboard for my fence columns. Just cheap columns this year, time is running out.

 Cut out diamond shapes of cardboard, then cut the bottom portion into a post and insert into the pvc pipe to create tops for your fence, or you can add any toppers you want, skulls, spiders, whatever floats your boat. I used some yard spikes and hammered them into the ground and then slid the pvc fence over them to make my fence stand up, or you could just hammer the pvc into the ground but be careful when doing this as to not split the pvc. I dug a square hole into the ground where my column was going to be and placed the column in the hole and then filled in around the column. Next I'm going to add some cobwebs on one 2 of my colums as they are near my spider victim scene.

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