Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day of the Party

The day of the party came and went without a hitch. I did the best I could considering I was in a car wreck earlier this month which put a major damper on what i wanted to get accomplished. Below are all the pictures that I had the chance to take at the party, I was a busy busy woman that night.

 My costume..I was a zombie nurse. Complete with stethoscope!

Boarded up windows made from cardboard, quick and easy but cheap look too. Next year will be tons better as we have a whole year to prepare. For our first halloween party/haunted yard I think we did pretty good.

The wind was blowing pretty hard while I was setting up so I kept fussing with stuff. This is the prize/game table before I loaded it with the gift baskets and prizes.
Setting up the food table was fun. However, i didn't get the chance to take a photo of it finished. But it has a ton of food with gruesome names and body parts lying everywhere. It was a hit, there was hardly anything left when the night was over.

This is the ghost that I made.

Hay bales were for guest seating. They were free!

Below are our tombstones.

 cupcakes, cookies, popcorn balls, kitty litter cake and tons of candy were just some of the foods that were on the buffet table. We also had hot dogs cut to look like worms on a bun complete with dressings like onions, chili cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickle relish. There were dips that were colored to look gross like zombie puss and imp snot. There were chips of course, can't have a party without chips. Of course ours weren't just called chips they were called deep fried skin slivers (lays) and troll toe nails (friotos scoop corn chips). We had sodas for people to drink if they did not want to try our dirty punch, which was brown and green haha, but it tasted amazing. People kept trying to spike the punch too funny.

 This was the beginning stages of my make up. I added tons of blood to my face which made it even more gruesome.

My husband, the necromancer.

Deviled eyeballs.

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