Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting the job....almost done

 We had company this weekend. Our best friend Chris came down for a surprise visit, which benefited me  because he offered an extra set of hands to help with the decor for my Halloween Bash which is Wednesday, the 27th.

We managed to get 2 more sections of my fence built and up in the yard and painted. Now I am rushing to finish 3 brick style columns for my fence. We were so productive this weekend. Besides the section of fencing, we managed to get 3 more tombstones built as well as the skull for my ground breaker coffin skeleton built. Now I have to finish the skeleton by attaching the head to the body section and then attaching some arms. Then the poor guy has to get stuck in the ground, which means digging more holes, lol.

Friday, I finished buying stuff for my costume. I am going to be a zombie nurse. I have to bloody and dirty up my white scrubs that I bought and make them look banged up. I have my 2 ghouls hung up outside already. My ghosts and my screaming door mat managed to scare the dickens out of a friend of ours Saturday night, I couldn't stop laughing.

Wednesday, the tent will go up and the table will go outside for our buffet set up. The games and prize table will be set up as well and all the finishing touches will be added to make the yard look really spectacular. I'm getting really excited about this. This is year #1 of our new family tradition that we have decided to do. We will host a Halloween party every year for friends, family and my husband's coworkers. Everyone is excited! We have 2 gift baskets to award for best costume for a male and best costume for a female. I've heard that there are a few people who are gunning for them. The baskets consist of a popcorn tub (as the basket) 2 bags of popcorn, and Scary Halloween dvd with 4 movies on it, 2 boxes of candy and some Halloween goodies.  We have 12 goodie bags full of various items to award for prizes for our games. We have 3 games that will be played. #1 is the Winking Murder Game #2 Test Your Fate #3 Name That Horror Flick.  I'm still working on a few other games like CornHole and such. I have TONS of food that will be available from Kitty Litter Cake to Worms on a bun. Plus cookies, cupcake and candy galore :-)

I can't wait to post some more pictures. But it will have to wait, for now, it is time to get back to work!

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