Friday, March 4, 2011

Saw Reverse Bear Trap****** Update!********

I thought I would post some of the photos for latest work on the Saw Reverse Bear Trap. This is the rusting technique that I found on and can be found by accessing it through . ***Update*** Here is the link  
or you can head over to  and see what they have done. Shout out to Jayson! :)

This is the oatmeal and sand mixture being applied using wood glue. WARNING: This is VERY messy. Use a drop cloth or something to catch the crumbs. I also wore latex gloves while doing this to minimize the crud on my hands. 

I swear once you start painting it looks like this thing has been through a bag of Cheetos's LOL.

I am beginning the brown spray "wash" now. I took my paintbrush and dabbed some brown in and blended into areas as well.

Still more to do but first I'm letting this completely dry for 24 hours before adding more paint and stain. I have the texture and partial paint that I want.


  1. Your prop is turning out very nice. I love the rust job you have going!

  2. Very impressive...the rust effect is 100% believable